How to Save on Summer Fun (But Still Have Fun)

This year it might seem a lot harder to have summer fun on a budget. I’m here to tell you that it’s still possible despite the high inflationary period we’re experiencing today. A financial wellness plan should always include plenty of ways to have fun including vacation.

 Here’s how to save on summer vacation and still enjoy the time with your spouse and kids this summer!

 Plan Ahead

Don’t try to wing it for this summer’s vacation. It’s all about planning and the earlier you plan, the more money you’ll save. Check airfare as early as you can and check it often. You’ll find that one day it’s sky high and the next they are rock bottom prices. Have a price in mind and when tickets hit that price, be ready to hit ‘purchase.’

 Look for Bundled Deals

 If you’re flying and staying at a hotel, look for bundled deals. Many times, airlines, hotels, and other vacation companies have deals that help you save on both hotel and airline tickets if you travel for at least a few days.

 Plan Meals

 Just because you’re on summer vacation doesn’t mean you must eat out at every meal. Picnics or even eating in the hotel can be just as fun. Try planning smaller meals like breakfast and lunch to eat at the hotel, on the beach, or not in a restaurant, and then eat out for dinner. This limits the food spending budget, leaving more money for sightseeing fun.

 Look for Discounts

 There are discounts for all types of tourist attractions, you just have to look for them. Do a search for local coupons online or work with a travel agent to see what savings are available. Even places like Disney World have discounted tickets when you go through a reputable broker. Don’t assume you have to pay full price, there are always ways to save money.

 Plan Free Activities

 Vacation is all about having fun, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend money every minute. Plan free activities too, like a day at the beach or pool, a day exploring the local area on foot, or even just a day of window shopping but no buying.

 Let everyone in your family have some input on what free activities you can do and try new things! You might even have more fun doing the free things than those you pay a lot of money to do.

 Final Thoughts

 It’s important that your financial wellness plan includes room for vacation fun. Everyone needs to spend quality time with their family without worrying about money. Even with today’s higher prices, it’s still possible to take a vacation no matter how small your budget may be.

 Think outside the box, find ways to save on food and activities, and enjoy the time with your family. You’ll come back with a clearer mind and be ready to keep going on your financial wellness plan!

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