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One on One Private Restorative Therapeutic  Yoga 

Private  Yoga is now available! 

These one on one yoga sessions were created for individuals with chronic stress, autoimmune conditions, joint pain and anxiety. Experience mental and physical benefits when yin yoga and restorative  yoga merge.

Restorative and yin yoga are two practices that can help manage stress, anxiety, chronic conditions, and pain.  Unlike vinyasa yoga which is one of the most common practices in the West, Restorative and yin yoga is a slower pace practice which aims to bring the body to a relax state. This is done through using yoga blocks, bolsters, straps and yoga poses that gently stretch the body. The goal is to not stress the body by engaging in challenging postures but move in a method to reduce joint discomfort, increase flexibility, and initiate relaxation.

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Behavioral Health Mind Body Academy (BHMBA)

I have teamed up with Addiction Prevention LLC to create the Behavioral Health Mind Body Academy program.

We are on a mission to provide healthcare professionals, advocates and caregivers with the tools needed to provide effective, quality holistic care. Through our live trainings, continuing education trainings (ceu), monthly membership and ceu retreats, we are committed to providing educational resources that demonstrate  the value of holistic care.  Research shows patients who receive holistic care experience improved health outcomes.  Our trainings center around an integrative approach to treatment and care.

In order to create real change, we believe that healthcare professionals, advocates and family caregivers must experience the value of holistic living in their own lives. For this reason, we have created a community for you that offer wellness courses, forums, and more, to ensure that you  learn the value of caring for your mind, body and spirit. 

We have provided trainings for NAADAC and AdCare Educational Institute of Maine. We were also selected to present our research at the 2022 American Society on Aging Conference.

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  • “Shevel and Kaii do an amazing job of presenting with knowledge, context, and caring for the attendees. This is my second session and I have learned so much from them and resources and speakers they utilize.” – Jennifer L. 

  • “Shevel and Kaii do such a wonderful job blending historical context, current statistics, and personal anecdotes in a way that makes you feel more competent in speaking about the content of this training.” – Sarah H.

  • ”The training was engaging and informative. I appreciate that Shevel and Kaii provided real-world examples which have allowed me to actively apply the concepts to my work.” Everton R. 

  • “Being a part of this community has inspired me to live a healthier lifestyle.” Chanetta M. 

  • “I really like the nutritional recipes Kaii and community members post in the group. They are delicious.” – Lana M.

  •  ”I love the community! The wellness challenges are manageable, fun, and keep me focused. Great to have a place to connect! – Irene B.

  • Kaii has a calming presence and an easy way about her. She is intuitive, gently guiding us through practice with confidence while providing space to listen to our individual needs.” – Joanne  S.

  • “This community has encouraged me to prioritize my self-care.” Karen W.

  •  “Kaii ensures that members feel welcomed and provides a safe and supportive space where members feel comfortable and not judged. She provides helpful tips to members on their wellness journey no matter what stage they are in” – Jasmine F. 

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